5-17-14 by dave

There was bit more of a freeze on the hill as the first Tram hit the peak.  Mineral Basin had been treated to some very nice Grooming thanks to the Crew.   White Diamonds was offering back country quality corn on the first runs, but it was not going to last long as it was already sorbet sweet.  There was some exquisite corn goodness if you went to the effort to access the goods, and the supportable crust held up for over 2 hours.  I kept stacking and racking my tracks to keep the dance floor smooth for tomorrow, when I know it will once again be going off.  Here is a shot of one of the pitches that was just a gliding traverse away.  No one was following me so I had it all to myself.  The front of the hill did not take long to break, and Regulator was very nice and fast.  The Road To Provo also was offering some very nice quality, and after the break, the consistency was smooth and silky off trail.  Nice touch.  Tomorrow, look for the Grooming to be offering the best of the morning session, with Mineral Basin good to go from the first Tram.  The hill is breaking around 10:00 AM, but it only holds up for a while until the sticky factor crops up.  I was honored to ski with the Elvi today, and here is a shot of me and the gang rocking it old school on the Plaza before we headed up the hill for the annual Running of the ELVI!   Thank you, thank you very much!!!   Peace Out!!DSC02130DSC02133

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