3-24-12 by dave

There was more Sun than forecast today, with the morning session beginning with a break from the high cloud deck.  The mountain never really froze over night, and the tenderizing efforts were helped greatly by the warmer temps.  Mineral Basin was groomed nicely, once again providing that private resort feel.   The front of the hill had some nice lower mountain drops prepared, though it needed a bit longer to soften, however, a solid edge could be established early on, but the break was a nice treat.    I love those lower mountain drops that give you that full steep pitch right down to the lift.    I was pretending I was skiing the Red Baldy Drainage in perfect corn,


it was that smooth.  Hey, sometimes you have to fantasize, right?   Tomorrow, look for the wind to continue out ahead of the next system, with perhaps some continued flat light conditions with the cloud cover.   The High North is beginning to feel the ambient temperature, with that dry chalk beginning to feel just a wee bit clumpy.   The Interference patterns persist, but there are still some smooth lines to get with a bit of effort, so look around.  The sticky spots are cropping up later in the day, so beware of the sudden deceleration issues, especially on the lower mountain and Cat Tracks.   Here is as shot of the surface glare in the morning Sun, indicating the Corn Cycle is beginning.  See you for the early start.   Ciao!!!

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