3-25-12 by dave

Today really felt like it was full on Spring time, with the flowers blooming, leaves coming out, and all the folks out doing the spring thing.  I took the day off to rest up for the week, and I was struck by the reality that the season has flown by and the weather patterns will change.  I am still holding out the vision of a wet spring, so I am still looking forward to more of the Essence.  In the mean time, it looks like the corn cycle will be developing, which is another favorite type of perfection for me.  The Sun was filtered today, but the hill is getting the softness going after Noon, however, the early morning still offers some nice lines in places.  I show up early regardless to get the jump on the day.  Tenderizing efforts really help the edge ability, but slopes like Regulator should be avoided during the early session.  There is some snow in the forecast, so tomorrow might be a touch problematic, with visibility issues as well as the firmness not softening.  Once again, the goodness is what you make it in these instances, so look for the smooth and avoid those sections that got gloppy and worked, because transiting those exposures when frozen solid is not advised.  Here is a shot of the nice elbow room on the tram during these spring days when the pressure for the hill is relaxed.  See you for the first Boat.  IBBY!!!


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