12-30-15 by dave

Light snow flurries moved in and out all day, with the clouds making the light all misty and mysterious.  There were pockets of sunlight here and there up and down the mountain.  The Groomers out in Mineral Basin were off the charts ripping, with great consistency and solid edge sets.  With a couple of inches of fresh Essence covering the dance floor, the off trail began to feel a bit more workable and much less variable, which was a nice change.  Northwest Baldy opened from the top today, and there was some very nice soft snow top to bottom.  There was some deposition to negotiate, but over all it was a great opening with not much in the way of pressure for the goods.  With the high humidity and light flurries all the trees were getting the frostedDSC03335effect.  This shot illustrates the dreamy foggy feel that held on all day long.  You can kind of make out Cardiff there in the background.  The snow guns were working top to bottom and were turning out some stellar Gun Powder with all this very cold air.  I was dialing back the roll to get as much of the goodness under each one as I passed.  The buff extended well down the hill as the still air made the accumulation really stretch well beyond the guns.  I took this shot of the Lewis and Clark area from the East stair case in the Summit.  This stair case hangs you right out over the drop, making this view a real treat.  This is a very nice design feature.  The more time I spend  in this building the more I like it.  DSC03319Tomorrow, look for fresh Essence to have been delivered overnight as a light impulse moves through.  Look for great Grooming with untracked lines on the fresh machine worked areas.  Today’s lines on Lewis and Clark were to die for indeed.  There is still a lot of soft snow on High Baldy, so check out that terrain and get the goods before it gets worked to much more.  Traffic is busy, but the lifts are keeping up and there is little to no waiting.  See you there for the morning session.  I am still dressing for cold and will be doing the same again tomorrow.  Stay Frosty!

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