12-29-15 by dave

As anticipated, Powder Paradise received the first fresh till of the season with only natural snow in the mix.  The consistency was dreamy as we got untracked corduroy perfection top to bottom.  The Morning Crew added the requisite Lewis and Clark element to round out the lap, unleashing unmitigated audacity with every turn. Here is a shot of the Crew at the top of the chair. DSC03330The off trail was very variable, with quite a stiff set up of the wind affected snow.  It will take more snow to improve the feel, but the coverage is excellent overall back there and I am looking forward to some really nice lines in the near future.  I hope to see a wind event to put a nice wind buff on the dance floor.  The Road to Provo opened today, with variable conditions depending on aspect.  It looked like there were some soft snow turns here and there, but that wind affected crust looked ubiquitous.  All the traffic will only break that up and make things a bit more workable.  The front of the hill is getting worked in as the traffic hits all the pockets, with the interference patterns rising up.  Watch for some features to be lurking in the troughs here and there.  Gad 2 is seeing good cover, but the interference patterns there too are  building quickly, however, the snow is soft and carve able over all with only those slick spots where the old layer is poking through in places.    I went into the Summit again today to get some more views of the facility.  Here is a shot of my friend Steve getting some very delicious looking stew for lunch. MMM Good!!DSC03332This facility is incredible and is attracting a lot of attention.  I went up to the upper level and it was packed with folks enjoying the ambiance. This is the view of the lower level from above.  DSC03333Tomorrow, look for more perfect Grooming to be found out in Mineral Basin for the first runs of the day. Traffic is brisk, but the uphill capacity is dealing with it in good form.  The Grooming Crew may get a shot at Mark Malu out off the Road to Provo, and that will offer some fresh corduroy to caress with wild abandon.  The hill is in great shape, with lots of options from wall to wall.  I am still going to be dressing for the cold.  IBBY!!

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