5-29-17 by dave

The day was a blue bird Memorial Day with not a cloud in the sky and great corn goodness going off right out of the Chute.  Mineral was offering nice lines and the Peruvian Gulch was off and running as well, but the Gad Valley would need a little while to hit the sorbet window. Light traffic made back to back Trams easy to make, to take advantage of the big vertical on the front of the hill that was as good as it gets.  There are different types of perfect, but perfect is perfect and you have to savor perfection when you have it all to yourself.  Here is a great shot of Lori Bob and Lori putting it together for runs in the back bowl. The vibe was high all over, and it such a treat to share it all with close friends that have stood the test of time.  Regulator and The Road To Provo began to break, offering some righteous turning when the pack hit the sorbet window. Those pitches make you feel like a hero, with quality that makes each turn a treat.  I kept lapping the Little Cloud Chair to keep the goods close and handy, as lower down on the hill the pack was getting sticky.  More great festivities were happening on the Plaza and there were plenty of folks taking in the ambience.  I will be returning to the Dark Matter Wars once again, but I will return for next weekend’s offerings.  Stay Frosty!!

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