5-28-17 by dave

It was a magic morning with the corn offerings going off right from the start. Regulator was going to take until after 11 AM to get just right, but in the mean time, Mineral Basin and Peruvian Gulch were good to go.  I went off with the Morning Crew to check out a side shot of perfect corn. Here is the shot with Living the Dream as good as it gets.  Peruvian Gulch was going off early, with a sorbet window that was wide open and perfect.  This was just the corn version of perfect powder.   Here is a shot of Anderson’s as smooth as can be.When the Gad side of the hill hit the money, Regulator was just amazing, with great granular turns that let you express your inner Ligety.   Any variation in the turn was rewarded with response and accuracy.  Down on the Plaza, music was a feature and great food at the Forklift Patio was the perfect place to enjoy the day.  Here are two very special folks who had the right idea.  Tomorrow, look for more great corn offerings as there will be another overnight freeze.  Mineral Basin will be going off first as usual, but don’t forget to check out the Peruvian Gulch for readiness as it should go off fast.  The hill is well covered top to bottom, but the lower elevations do get quite sticky later in the morning, making those long cat tracks kind of a slog.  See you there for the morning fun.  See the Line, BE the Line!!

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