4-10-12 by dave

There was ballroom dancing on the first Tram, where I was doing a tango with the irrepressible  Stella Westerhausen, taking advantage of the spacious room where we scored big points with the judges.   In Mineral Basin, the few early risers were treated to another treatment of Chamonix Chute, which offered a super steep breakfast dessert of sweet sorbet that became more sumptuous as the Sun worked the section.  Lapping that felt like dropping the middle Tri Chute off Red Stack in pitch, so I just imagined that I was getting all of that by dialing back the speed and digging deeper into each turn to extract the maximum sensuality from the Vortex that that Mazola Goodness offered.   The Goodness Of Maize!!!! The front side was still pretty firm, though the higher temps made the breaking point go off much earlier.   Mineral had gone by the peak after 11:00 Am, and the front side took over from there.  Upper Silver Fox and Primrose Path were still holding some interference patterns, but the dry chalky feel was still holding tough, beckoning many seekers to that section, but I avoided that line to preserve my knees for later in the day.  Tomorrow, look for another warm morning before the next system moves in, and with it some stout South winds.   I am still not sure if the cloud cover will come in and flatten the light, but we will see.  The early morning is the best of the day, as the sticky effect really begins to kick in after 12:30 PM, so make your choice of the particular quality of spring like conditions you prefer.  More snow is on the way, and I have high hopes for this next cycle.  Keep your fingers crossed!!!  Here is a shot of Team Dirty, who I met mid mountain.  They were just gathering together after killing the upper section of Little Cloud and loving it.  Those folks rock!!!   Peace out!!

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