4-09-12 by dave

It was a beautiful morning with mild temps at the peak, but the Gad side of the hill had some serious firmness going on, with the Peruvian side offering some nice cold dry caulk all the way down to the bottom.  It was firm, but it did have very nice carvelicious lines down the groomers.  I opted to work the soft, back country like feel of the groomers out in Mineral.  With the low traffic, it was a rock and roll fantasy, where the wide open goodness offered consistent traction and flow, which really seemed luxurious.  I was lapping those lines till breakfast, after which the softening on the front side kicked in and let the back to back pace dial in the vertical for the few who were hitting it hard. The Peruvian Chair, and Gad 2 Chair are now closed, so it makes those areas seem very vacant, with the traverse off the Peruvian Chair softening quickly.  This will also mitigate the interference patterns on the popular upper lines, so look for improving smoothness as we get more accumulation.  More accumulation is predicted later in the week, so take advantage of these spring like conditions before we transition back into a snow cycle.  I guess it’s feast or famine, but we have a solid snow pack overall, so we  won’t be starving for fun any time soon.   Tomorrow, look for another extensive grooming effort, with tenderizing efforts on both sides of the front, which will give you traction despite the firmness.  Mineral Basin will, once again, be offering another great morning of corn goodness, were you can load up your edge as deep as you please.  MMMM Good!!  The High North is still holding the last vestiges of cold fluff just on the upper most sections, but they will be getting hit with the even higher temps that are predicted  out ahead of the next system.  Here is a shot of an old tree with Old Reliable looking ominous in the background.  See you on first Bucket.   IBBY!!

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  1. Tommy O. says:

    Dave, thanks for all of the posts this season. As always they are much appreciated and entertaining. Looking forward to more turns as the spring unfolds.

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