12-12-14 by dave

The wind backed off for today even though there were forecasts of higher winds than yesterday.  The Sun made an appearance until 1:00PM when a cloud deck began to come in and turn the lights out.   Gad 2 was offering the best snow on the hill with that dry chalky feel that  only natural snow can provide.  Traffic was light and it was easy to lap that Bananas run before the folks started discovering the goods.  Early, after all the wind of yesterday, Regulator was providing a Sonic Jiggle Bath for your feet as all the cushion was gone, and my feet were vibrating when I got to the bottom.  It would have to wait until it softened later in the day with the extra warm temps. for the traction to improve.  The Peruvian side of the hill was offering some of the transported dust from the Gad side of the hill and that was a treat to feel that traction in each turn.  The lower part of Chips should be avoided by taking  the road around to the Wilbre Chair to bypass the gnar.  Once again the light was interesting over the Valley, and even though I put up a similar shot a few days ago, I could not help but pull this shot of the Bingham Mine in tight. DSC02322 It such an interesting contrast of nature and excavation, light and dark, Earth and Sky.  Tomorrow, look for the storm front to have moved into the area and weather to be the order of the day.  Be sure to dress for the weather and be sure you remember that the off trail features will be covered.  Go where it is fat and avoid the high points.  Coverage is good overall, but, with the new cover, it would not be hard to tag a snag or two.  This new snow will be a welcome addition and the conditions will be significantly better, so be there for the freshness.   IBBY!!

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