12-11-14 by dave

The wind was high this morning, knocking my car around as I drove up the Canyon.  The Tram was down due to the wind, the sky was overcast, but there were options.  The Peruvian Chair was fired up, providing access to Peruvian Gulch, so that got me out on the hill.  I was sticking with the Groomers, with the off trail a bit difficult given the flat light.  I made an early visit to the Forklift Chair to assess the options, and after a nice repast with the other members of the crew, I headed back out to find that Gad 2 had been opened early for the folks who were on hand.  What a treat that was, with Bananas offering fresh Grooming using totally natural snow.  Here is a shot of Whiskey as we got off the top of the Gad 2 chair and got ready to hit the fresh lines. DSC02341 It is great to get some new terrain to ply.  I did 4 fast laps there until it got too congested.  The Tram opened just before Noon, getting the top to bottom laps into gear.  Regulator was blown clean, and though groomed, it did not have any extra traction, making that descent tricky indeed.  Tomorrow, look for the Gad 2 area to be offering some new lines to checkout as well as more off trail areas.  The Bananas Trees looked fairly filled in, but other sections looked thin.  You can get a sense of things during your ride up the chair.  The Groomers are well covered and fun.  The wind will be nuking again, so be prepared for variations on the day.  Snow is in the forecast, but who can say how much.  Here is a shot of Ms. Dallas who, coincidentally, was from Dallas, had just rolled into town and was getting her very first Tram ever. DSC02343 I was really stoked for her and I know she had a good time.  See you for the Gad 2 laps in the AM.  Ciao!!

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