12-10-14 by dave

Today was another day to get ready for the the return to Winter which is sure to come.  If it is not going to snow it might as well Sun, and the Sun was out in fine form all day today, warming some of the West facing aspects.  Those might be a bit crispy in the AM, but I think that the Snow Guns will be turned up and give us that silky buff that has been offered every morning.  The Groomers are still holding the best lines, and I did explore some variations today, but I went back to the smooth and consistent to keep the training runs fun and fast.  The Peruvian side of the hill was still dark in the AM, but was fun to flow down with the nice low angle sections.  On Big Emma, a very nice fresh till had been put on the slope for us and it was very carve able indeed, making the return trips to these lines a no brainer.  Here is a shot of the Creek looking tranquil in the clear Sun light.  DSC02333Tomorrow, look for another day of fast fun on the Groomers,  with some weather changes beginning to manifest in front of this big system that is hitting the West coast pretty hard.  I hope that that intensity makes it across the basin to dump a heaping helping on the hill.  That would be a very nice thing to have going into the Holiday season.  Expect the wind to pick up as the day wears on and, perhaps, some cloud cover to be moving in as well.  I will see you there for the fast laps.  IBBY!!

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