5-31-15 by dave

I came back down from the High Desert where I have got the Trailer all set up and receiving the TRANSMISSIONS loud and clear, so I thought a trip up the Tram was in order.  I met this lovely lady from Texas who was here for the first time and was taking the time to make it to the top of the world.  I am sure she was duly impressed with the terrain and all the snow on the upper elevations.  With this super wet spring there is still a lot of snow on the upper elevations, with some very nice looking smooth surfaces that might corn up nicely when we get some of theDSC02905warm days that are promised, but you will have to hike Alta or White Pine to get the goods.  I think it would be well worth the effort.  The progress of the peak facility is coming along, with detail work on the utilities and interior walls looking good.  Here is a shot of a brand new CAT excavator sitting here at 11,000′ in front of the new structure .DSC02906While I was up on the peak, I was looking back into Mineral Basin where there is still a lot of snow that sent my mind to the days when there were no lifts back there, and we used to climb Twin Peaks and look back on the incredible terrain there. We had such great days back there and I am looking forward to hitting that area again.  Well, back to High Desert as I make my way back to the Dark Matter Wars.  Peace Out!!

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  1. marie says:

    Pretty, healthy girl + snow like powdered sugar sprinkled across the top spots of LLC + and heavy equipment. Does not get any better !

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