6-11-15 by dave

Thiel 6-14-12_00038In my early years here at the Bird, there was a very advanced crew of back country skiers who would work Mineral Basin as a personal back yard.  Here is a shot of one of the Bookend Chutes off of Toad Hill  15 years before there was lift service in the back.  They did this all on long skinny skis and really heavy boots.  They would make numerous laps out there and get the best of the best and then have to do the long slog out of there.  Mr Thiel sent me these shots from his archives, which include so many memories that are not dated in the least, as this terrain remains unchanged for the most part.  Here is Thiel 6-14-12_00054another shot  looking back at the turns out of the Finger Chutes.  How many Winters did the all that powder go begging back before the Bird was made a reality?  Fortunately, we have now arrived at the proper point in the Time Line that lets us have at all this terrain.   Now, looking forward, as the Bird begins a new motion into the future, we have new views to imagine lines. DSC02537Before we know it, we will be putting down lines on this terrain, and this is just a tiny piece of a very large canvas that exists just over the ridge, just like those earlier shots of Mineral Basin.  Here is a shot of Seth, operating the excavator on the peak, as he digs the foundation holes for the new deck that will surround the new peak facility.  This will entirely eliminate the DSC02915congestion getting off of the Tram deck.  Progress is coming along nicely.  Don’t forget that this weekend Snowbird is hosting the Brewfest, with live music, activities, and lots of fun.  Be sure to get up there as the weather is going to be great.  Stay Frosty!!

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