12-12-15 by dave

I spent the day aligning the antenna array that pulls in the Andromeda Collective and the signal is strong.  I will be looking forward to the TRANSMISSIONS.  Up on the hill, the temps. were a bit cooler in the wake of the storm.  The Groomers were much more consistent for the morning session, but did get worked over quickly with the day’s traffic.  No new terrain has been added yet, which will have to wait for some more substantial accumulation to get the base up and running.  With the cold temps. the snow making efforts are back in full gear.  Yesterday that really helped with the natural accumulation and I was aiming for the wash to get the best of both worlds.  Here is a shot of some very cool clouds that Neil sent me via his phone.  20151207_114637-1Tomorrow, look for breezy conditions out ahead of a new storm that is forecast to arrive tomorrow night.  It will last all day Monday and into early Tuesday, so keep your visualizations going for the goods.  The Groomers will be offering some nice corduroy, which I have been have fun carving the nap off.  There still remains some greasy spots to be aware of, as you never know when you will hit one, so be ready for the unexpected.  See you there for the fun in the AM and a fresh report.  IBBY!!

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