12-13-15 by dave

An inch of ultra light gossamer Essence was deposited with care by some happy little cloud that moved through overnight.  That extra fluff, in addition to the Gun Powder and corduroy nap, made the first few runs a treat top to bottom.  It did not take long for it all to get scraped off, but those few runs were very nice indeed.  Traffic was light, but the stoke was high as we waited for the first Tram to ascend.  Here is a shot of one of the faithful who brought all the stoke one can have to the hill.  He was ready for that frosty nip in the post front chill.  DSC03274The Groomers had been totally reworked top to bottom, and the consistency continues to improve each time it gets worked.  The firmness is still a feature, but looking for the loose piles is a sure way to get the traction you are looking for when you need to bleed some speed. I am still sticking to the sides of the main runs as much as possible as that is where all the soft snow gets pushed.  I was also finding those long Gun Wash sections for smooth steep lines.  I have had much success getting first tracks in that freshness.  I made snow all the way through college, and I appreciate good Gun Powder whenever I find it.  Tomorrow, look for the storm to have moved in overnight tonight, so the driving might be entertaining in the AM.  It should be a storm day on the hill, and the traffic should be low.  The forecast is for significant accumulation, which is exactly what is needed in this pre Holiday stretch.  Think deep thoughts.  IBBY!!

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  1. Matt says:

    On our annual boys trip, D.R. Squid and his boys, always enjoy the snow at the bird! Happiness is riding the first tram of the day seeing Guru Dave on the first tram with us. Friendship, and skiing are the best things in life, even better with a fresh dump of snow! Thanks for the memories Dave!! See you next time around!
    You friend, D.R. Squid

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