4-03-10 by dave

Saturday morning was cold, cold, cold as I got an early start up the canyon.  Clouds and fog hung low over the hill, looking like there might be a bonanza up high.  The faithful were wasting no time getting a jump on the traffic.  Everything was on hold, with high winds and the Tram and chairs delayed.  With only the lower Gad chairs scheduled to open, I made a hasty retreat back to the home 1020 to keep my usual day off.  I had ventured up to get at least a couple early runs, but saw that resistance was futile.  As the day progressed the moderate clearing moved in, so I am sure things got going in good time, with the new snow and wind transported treasures to be found.   The overcast sky prevented the Sun from working on the good quality, leaving the winter like conditions preserved for Sunday.  The South aspects in Mineral Basin did get touched a bit, creating some slabby, breakable conditions on those faces, so beware of that.  The rest of the hill should continue to have fairly smooth shots, with the High North aspects benefiting from this heavy wind.  Tomorrow look for the closed areas to be opening and continued good conditions wall to wall.  I will be there for the first Boat so see you then.   Ciao!!

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