4-04-10 by dave

That’s right folks, don’t touch that dial as we are in the cross hairs of the Pacific flow.  Sunday morning presented a fluffatudinous delight for the few attendees, who were treated to uncrowded slopes and fully 2 hours of free access to, arguably, the lightest sauce of the season.  Yesterday’s heavy traffic worked the runs, developing a low amplitude rumble underneath the fresh installment, making the formerly smooth shots a bit more interesting with blower deep consistency top to bottom.  The Groomed runs offered smooth running with the freshness like dust on a cloud.  The Tram line backed off with the low traffic and Mineral Basin opening the Path to Paradise,  which spread the traffic out evenly.   Untracked lines were still readily available at 11:00AM. as  more of the faithful began arriving during the 11-1:00Pm window, backing the Tram up to a 3 tram wait.  I opted to take advantage of the walk on chairs and kept lapping around to place fresh tracks next to the one’s I had just put down.  No pressure, no hype; what a rarity it was to have the space to enjoy the incredible lightness of skiing without the full court press that usually goes with this kind of a day.  The Sun was beginning to affect the direct exposures as 1:00 PM approached, though a high cloud deck began to obscure the full intensity of the Sun that was sporting a huge, vivid, rainbow ring around it, signaling weather 4 to 7 days out.  Now, a large system is moving in for Monday- Tuesday, so a sign like that means  good things to come for the next while.  The harbor chop began to rise up as the day progressed, but the cold temps. refrigerated the product keeping the cold smoke billowing from the shredders, hanging in the air for a long time like fairy dust.  It was particularly cool to see it back lit by the Sun as the rays shown down on Regulator.  Tomorrow look for continued great conditions with most shots holding up well with the winter like powder.  The fresh Groomers will also be special if you have had your fill of the crud, but either way it is all good to go.  Keep thinking deep thoughts and keep the cycle rolling.   Peace Out!!

5 Responses to “IVORY FLAKES”

  1. Scott says:

    In all my years at the bird, I can’t ever remember getting two top to bottom totally untracked old ladies in a row! Total blower too.

  2. tommy P says:

    My comments from facebook jibe with the Guru here –

    “Amazing powder day at the Bird today. Sunny day above the fog and nobody showed up to ride 12″ of fluff the likes of which is rarely seen this time of the year. All sorts of folks said it was like the early days…70’s that is. Saw the Gu all stoked on a pre-crush tram. You could still find untracked late in the PM. Amazing is the word of the day!

    Even the old fat boy here with major chassis upgrades made some powder turns, but mostly I let the younger set have at it giving them ride breaks.” I get high off their high…

  3. John says:

    I was on the first P Dog chair, sun in my eyes, leaning forward to make the chair go faster, watched the Trammies attack Silver Cloud, some guys went straight down just to be first in line at the Tram again. A Warren Miller movie to be sure. It was a mystery storm since at dark it wasn’t snowing, neither was it at dawn. I had 99 days last year, nothing compared with Sunday’s fluffy bunnies. UTA had shut down, and the faithful were rewarded…

  4. bob o says:

    indeed guru……it was one of those no pressure, no hype bluebird fresh mornings….like taking a time machine back to 04-05. gotta love holiday sundays

  5. skiing fool says:

    I live in and ski Vermont. Conditions here are going south quickly. I now plan to throw together an unplanned trip to Snowbird. I will try to get there within a week. Leave some snow for me. If you are bored and want to read about skiing near the coast check-out http://www.skiingfool.com

    I am the Skiing Fool

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