4-05-10 by dave

The pounding wind ahead of the storm front was really rocking the trailer this Monday morning.  I was excited to get after it as I anticipated wind transported smoothness on the High North faces that were getting a touch lumpy, and I was looking forward to a magic carpet ride.  The wind, however, was rocking the Tram as well rendering it a NO GO for the morning session.  The Peruvian chair got going in good order, offering smoothness of an excellent sort.  The few faithful who showed up were ripping the perfectly smooth shots with unmitigated audacity, as well they should given the dessert topping consistency of the dense cold gropple.  The top was accessible by the Little Cloud chair with Great Scott and the Upper Cirque shaping up in perfect wind loaded buffage.  Oh, the energy was high octane, as the Round the Worlders kept enduring the wind pounding of the slow chair ride back up to once again taste the rarity of uncrowded, unpressured spreadability.  The Peruvian chair continued to provided rapid access to the goods, but the treasure was the High North drops. Gad 2 , as well, offered great tree sliding, with the wind filling in the bump features and offering better visibility from the trees.  Great stuff all around.  As the front moved in around 12:00 Noon, lightning became a concern and the lifts were put on hold until the frontal passage.  I had to bail with the uncertain timing to re level the trailer that had been rocked off one of the supports.  Level trailer, level head… right?  Anyway, it knocks the dishes out of correct orientation for the profuse data down load I have been getting lately.  I wont bore you with the details, but suffice to say I wont let them keep me away from the hill in the AM.  Tomorrow, be sure to check the road accessibility due to the storm, because it is going to be big!!!     IBBY!!

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  1. Bari Levine says:

    After much discussion concerning the spelling and pronunciation and even the legitimate existence of the word that describes the small frozen pellets of precipitation we had yesterday, we checked Wikipedia. The correct spelling is GRAUPEL, and it is described as a small soft hail or snow pellets. Apparently the word comes from GRAUPE, a small kernel of hulled grain, probably of Slavic origin; akin to Russian krupa, groats.
    Gotta love that Internet thing.

  2. Willi T. says:

    Hi Dave!
    Gropple appears to be acceptable as well (slang) – Graupel is certainly more precise (it is used in German)
    See also:
    Good seeing you the other day!

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