12-08-13 by dave

The new installment of Essence was delivered overnight, but as much fell on the hill as fell here at the Trailer.DSC01660  Go figure.  The faithful were in full force for first Tram with the line backed out the door to start.  Gad Zoom was not at all crowded, as everyone wanted to stay out of the returned cold temps.   The density was so light that it did not cushion the ride too much, so any line off the beaten path was sporting that low amplitude rumble that one would expect from the traffic working the side lines.  Coverage is getting better all the time and I am feeling better about moving further away from the standard lines of the past few weeks.  There might be some additional accumulation associated with some Lake Effect, so fresh freshness might be on tap for the early risers.  I expect the traffic to subside once again with the beginning of the weekday stretch, so plan on taking advantage of the relaxed pace.  Tomorrow, look for the prepared runs to be offering the usual smooth ride, with the addition of the new product making the traction worthy of some more aggressive angulation.  Lay it over like Ligety!!.  Perhaps we might see some additional terrain offered up this week, but it will be a wait and see situation given the weak snow pack.  Here is shot of an atmospheric treat a few days ago for which I stopped to capture the moment.  See you there for the first Tram in the AM.  Peace Out!!

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