12-07-13 by dave

The snow started falling early this morning, with marginal visibility, and very light density Essence gracing the dance floor.  The storm is predicted to last through tomorrow, perhaps, with some lake effect to top off the dessert treat.  The temps moderated, making the comfort level rise after the past few days.  The off trail is primed now for a bit moreDSC01662 of a direct line approach as much of the serious features are covered.  That is not to say that caution should be disregarded for the next while, but you can breath a bit easier.  The interference patterns that had developed in those off trail sections should smooth out as it gets filled in, and with any wind in the mix, they will be long gone until things get worked over once again.  If  the flow persists, that build up will not be an issue.  Tomorrow, look for additional accumulation of the Righteous Kind to be ready for the faithful.  Traffic should be a bit heavier considering the new installment, but will mitigate as the folks,  who did not get in shape, will fall off the pace pretty much after Noon.  Here is a shot of Hellgate that I took the day before yesterday as the Sun was going down.  Late light is so surreal, much like morning light.  As a wise man I know always maintains; ” it is all timing and lighting.  IBBY!!

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