12-04-14 by dave

A light dusting covered the dance floor for the morning session.  As anticipated, the Groomers offered some very nice velvet for those few first runs.  Both sided of the hill were in good shape, but the West side of the hill provided the best definition.   There was a cloud deck hanging on the peak for the first hour, but the deck moved off quickly.  I took this shot with the Canyon shaded as the Valley was basking in the Sunshine. DSC02319 It would not be long until the hill was shining as well.  Continued light traffic on the hill made it feel like a private resort with no pressure for lines, but it still paid to be watching the uphill movement before changing lanes.  Coverage continues to be good overall with only a couple of thin spots on short sections of the Cat Tracks.  It is easy to avoid these sections and they present no problem.  Tomorrow, look for a clearer day with fairly warm temps.  The Groomers will be providing the best of the day and the traffic will still be light.  There are a few new sections of terrain opening on the lower mountain, so check the run report for updates.  Be there for the fast paced morning session.  Peace Out!!

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