12-05-14 by dave

The first runs of the day offered nicely Groomed corduroy that had a crystal crust topping it.  It was just so perfect that I had to dial back and get more of each turn.  The Sun was clear and made the visibility wall to wall with fine definition.  Only the shadows were a bit flat with the low angle Sun of this time of year.  More work has been done to treat those few thin spots and it has worked out well.  The consistency is so good right now on the main runs that you can carry a solid fall line approach.  There are still some sections that will require a bit of quick response, but that is what makes it exciting.  Here is a shot of The Sunday Cliffs area looking good in the early morning light.DSC02324 First Trams are great a getting good light.  It will not be long until we get to rock that section of the hill.  That is a great piece of real estate.  Tomorrow, look for the Groomers to be offering the best lines, though the off trail is being worked  and reports are coming back that there is a dry chalky feel to the pack.  I don’t anticipate a big push for the Tram in the morning, so getting a lot of vertical out quickly will be easy to do.  The Peruvian Chair may be working as well, so you can enjoy the Sun and the kicked back ride.  See you there Sunday after my day off tomorrow.  I will still be posting so stay tuned.  It should be staying nice for the next while.  Enjoy the day.  IBBY!!

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