5-07-13 by dave

It was 25 Degrees on the peak this morning as the first Tram docked, and I was not under dressed this time.  There was a light dusting on the dance floor, which was distributed over the hill in varying amounts, but no more than a half an inch.  There was a dark cloud deck over the peak, which was juxtaposed with the Sun drenched Valley.  Here is a shot from the peak that shows the interesting difference in lighting.  The Groomers were frozen, but edge able with the light coating, though I hit the Forklift Chair to let softening occur.   By 10:30AM the snow began to break, offering granular corn goodness, that felt luxurious and predictable.  As the day wore on the quality began to soften into a sorbet quality that felt like back country corn.  Thanks to the Cat Crew for setting the hill up for such a treat.  The Sun began to make intermittent appearances, illuminating the hill and helping the consistency, though the cloud cover that kept moving in kept the sticky factor at bay for the duration.  Later in the afternoon a snow squall moved in but was very short lived, giving way to another window of bright Sun.  Tomorrow, look for some additional light accumulation from the impulses that are moving up from the South.  We will have to wait and see if the Sun is out in the AM, but in any case there will be some great conditions, with the cover holding up very strongly.  The Grooming has been stellar, but watch for cookies on the hill that areDSC01496 symptomatic of working wet snow.   That is spring skiing, and they melt into the mat as the hill softens.  Just be aware during those early runs.  See you there for the early Trams.   Ciao!!

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