5-06-13 by dave

The low pressure system began moving into the Front, with a cold morning and a brisk breeze.  There was not a hard freeze, but the first runs were crispy and needed a bit of time to break.  With the flat light I opted to deny Mineral Basin and worked the Peruvian Gulch, which had been nicely worked by the Cat Crew.  There were some chunks and cookies here and there, but the visibility was good enough to easily avoid the Gnar.  I took the early window to let things warm up and soften by riding the Forklift Chair, where it is always good.  After a nice breakfast repast, the hill was ready, offering granular sugar that was really nice and carveable.  Regulator was not far behind and the feel all the way to the bottom was a treat.  There are only hints of melt off on the Cat Tracks, so they are still good to go.  Tomorrow, the unsettled pattern continues, so expect another cold morning and dress for wind and weather.  I  dressed for how I wanted it to be this morning andDSC01493 was soundly chilled by my light attire. BRRRR.  It did warm up a bit, but there was still a bit of a nip in the air.  Lines off trail are beginning to develop more wide spread interference patterns, so check things out from the Tram and try to avoid the deep ones, especially when they are frozen up.  See you for the first Tram attack in the AM.  Here is a shot of the Blue Plate special offered up for the Lunch service at the Forklift Restaurant.  Zac really put on the  BAM on this one.  NICE!!!   IBBY!!

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