12-23-12 by dave

There was just a trace of Essence in the parking lot this morning with the Sun breaking the clouds up as it rose in the sky.   Mineral Basin was offering ultra smooth lines on the East facing aspects where the wind had deposited the goods from the past few days.  This was covered by about 2” of delightful dust that cushioned the ride and made it a powder morning if you don’t count how deep it was.  Untracked is untracked, and when it is perfectly smooth you just have to keep working the goods.  I tried the West facing aspects, but it was still scalloped out from the wind with only some slim deposits in the guts, but the effort to get there was debatable.  The traverse to the Sunday Cliffs opened for the first time today, however there was significant breakable crust to deal with top to bottom.   It was a fun adventure, but not worth a second try.  It is snowing now as I wait for the Jump to the Mother Ship, so tomorrow, look for some freshness to sweeten the dance floor, but remember the blown off steep West facing sections and the scoured high traverses, which will be covered with freshness, so be aware of the undercurrent.  The High North sections on the front of the Hill were still smooth and well filled, so look there for first runs, and the Groomers will still be offering some beautiful carving.  I will post tomorrow if I can get the Hyper channel to simmer down.  IBBY!!!

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