12-25-12 by dave

From my deep space location I do not have a first hand report today, and yesterday the Quantum flux field distorted the post beyond recognition.  The report had 5” of fresh to make it a real white Christmas, so that had to be a plus.  The West facing still holds that firm undercurrent, but the snow machines are still working overtime to put down some sweet gun powder.  All the major areas are open, so the choice for variations is wide open.  The High North exposures still are holding all that transported snow from the wind event from a few days ago, and that was significant enough to stand up for a while, though the higher traffic will be putting some rumble on the ride in places.  There are still some out lying areas that are holding some of the super smooth, but checkout the sections with care as the variations can be still be rather abrupt in spots.  I will be making the Jump back tomorrow, so I will have a full hands on report for Thursday.  I will back fill the back posts with photos when I reconfigure  from the Jump.  Stay Frosty!!

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