3-03-14 by dave

There was a light coating of medium density Essence covering the dance floor this  morning as the week began.   Most of the interference patterns on the hill have mitigated quite a bit, thought the patterns DSC01890I saw were round with lines that did not become too angular.  Gad 2 looked particularly soft with the North facing tree aspects still holding the cold.  Now that we are  in March, the Sun is much higher in the sky, making those South aspects very sensitive to the rays.  Those aspects got downright gooey this afternoon, thought they still had a smooth consistency.  The Lewis and Clark variations offered very nice lines with very little traffic, though some of the underlying vibrations were being felt through the light accumulation.  Some of the old wind slab lines are still holding that old smooth despite the additional accumulation, and a round line will give you a break from some of the other sections of high frequency rumble.  Tomorrow, look for a storm riding day as the next impulse moves into the Front.  Be fully aware of those South aspects that saw all that Sun today, as they will be frozen solid in the morning and are unlikely to thaw at all during the day.  If you do venture to these aspects be prepared to be challenged in a significant way.  The hill is in great shape for this next installment, and with the exception of those previously mentioned issues, any line you choose should be good to go.  Here is a shot of my first Tram ride up with 3 first time visitors who were on their way to a lifetime of future visits I am sure.  Pictured here are  Moose Man, Benny the Jet, and, out of frame, the illustrious Nerd.  It was tight on that first one, so I could not get them all in.  Rock it guys.  See you in the AM.  Peace Out!!

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  1. The Moose Man says:

    Hey Dave, great meeting you on that first tram ride up, we scored some unbelievable days on the mountain and I can’t wait to be back. Got some great footage of the mountain on our trip that I think you and others will enjoy:
    Peace out and keep on shredding!

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