3-04-14 by dave

It was just beginning to snow when First Tram left the dock.  The Grooming Crew had prepared some very nice corduroy to start thing off until the heavy stuff arrived.  Visibility was at a premium, especially at the top of the hill, but sticking with the trees made the detail stand out.  The off trail was quite lumpy and bumpy with those South facing aspects particularly rasty.  As the intensity of the new snow increased, the accumulationDSC01891 began to cushion the ride with medium density feel. If you stayed on the prepared surfaces, you could count on smooth consistency, which is very important when you are just guessing.  There was not much wind to move the product around, but the continuous accumulation kept things fresh.  I took a run in Mineral Basin when I thought there might be some visibility, and found an undiscovered untracked Groomed run that no one could see, so no one worked it.  I took the leap of faith when I dropped in, as it could have gone either way, but as the Snow Gods would have it, it was covered with 5 inches of smooth goodness.  Nice unexpected treat.  Tomorrow, look for a clearer day as this impulse moves out.   The Freeride World Tour is running the competition, and you will see runs that will be mind blowing. Check that out when you are on that side of the hill.  The early hours will provide the best of the day, as the leftover, unseen lines, will be worth chasing.  The hill is in great shape, enjoy the freshies.  Here is a shot of the Tour Signage flying on the peak with Superior in the distance.  See you there to see the Best throw down.  IBBY!!

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  1. Steve "O" Prior says:

    Hi Guru Dave great ripping with you today in the exotic trees. I kept on lapping till it was almost done. It ended up being a lunch on the lift day with that kinda quality skiing. Peace out and of course Stay Frosty!!! Steve

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