2-20-16 by dave

A few lazy clouds move up over the hill this morning, but the Sun burned them off as they rose up.  Awesome Groomers were offering ground pounding fun with all the snow that worked back into the mat.  Traffic was rather light after all the pressure for the freshies has subsided, but there was still some freshness waiting in the wings for those with their ear to the rail.  The Sun did begin to work those direct aspects, as it will with the higher Sun angle this late, so be sure to take those aspects into consideration.  Here is a shot of the spires on Toad Hill that are spell binding to me. DSC03576The hill is still sporting smooth lines overall after all the wind and new product retouched all the rumble for the most part.  Take advantage of those lines that usually have static and get them while they still hold the big mountain smooth.  Tomorrow, look for another great day on the hill.  Extensive Grooming will be a highlight of the morning before the Sun begins to work the direct aspects.   The High North will still be holding the cold, so hit those dry chalky lines that are waiting for a bit of exploration.  I found some great lines yesterday and I am sure they will be happening all day.  There are so many variations that it is hard to get to them all in one day. DSC03539 Here is a shot of my friend Burke, who has been really getting some great lines with his inimitable sense of whimsy.  He knows were the magic lives and finds it everyday.  I will be back up on the hill tomorrow after my day of regrouping.  See you dark and early.  Syrup Won’t Stop ‘EM!!

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