5-27-13 by dave

DSC01527DSC01526DSC01524This was it for the season, with another nice morning on tap for the faithful who built into a throng as the day progressed.  The morning crispiness was an hour and a half softening, but when it did it was delightful.  The festive mood was over the top, with great costumes and pond skimming at the bottom of Anderson’s Hill.  On the plaza was a great party, with a fun band and great vibrations exchanged continuously as the faithful traded stories, summer plans, hopes and dreams, and high hopes for a great season coming right up.  The streams were flowing with the return to the Big Cycle where the water will be refreshed, restructured by the journey, and will once again return in it’s time.   Here are some shotsDSC01520 of the great folks who dressed for the occasion, bringing the flair and energy to the day.  I will write a wrap up piece in the next day or so, but here now are the shots from today.  Syrup won’t stop ‘Em!!!

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