4-17-13 by dave

This morning was clear, cold, a peak temp of 10 Degrees, and a few new inches of Essence to top things off.  The continuing North wind transported the January light product to cover the dance floor in deep pockets in wide spread areas.  The Sun and visibility revealed the extent of the deposits, and it was like shooting fish in a barrel to dial in some real face shots.  Mineral Basin was the call to let the full maze of the Tram settle out, and take advantage of the low early morning traffic and excellent lines.  Gad Zoom resumed operation to accommodate the high traffic that the new fresh installment drew to the hill.  That was a very welcome addition to the uphill capacity, and spread the crowd out more evenly over the terrain, and freed up the Tram line.  The cold temps held strong with the Plaza temp struggling to hit 30 Degrees.  Clouds began to build, shrouding the Sun’s rays, which helped to preserve the quality, and kept the softness alive all day.  Tomorrow, look for the hill to still be holding the great quality, as the Northerly flow continues to keep the temps lower than normal.  That spells another day of great lines on most of the hill.  Only the very lowest elevations are exhibiting evidence of the old underlying crust, so enjoy the extra dose of Winter. The cover has never been better,DSC01454 and all the lines I visited today were so good.  Here is a shot of the Bookends , where the depth had blown in extra deep, and Roberto is still laying down his tracks as we all watched where we had frozen the last few moments in time.  Stay Frosty!!

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