January Again

3-31-09 by dave

Tuesday morning presented no problems as the wind, and cold temps. kept the snow cold and dry.  The opening of Baldy and Mineral basin gave the faithful further reason to boogie.  The wind had affected the high areas, but lower aspects were very soft and blastable.  The grooming, as usual, was fantastic and had a buttery vibe.  The significant West wind, which continued throughout the day, has been smoothing out the playing field In the high North and West aspects making every thing ski great.  Wall to wall goodness could be counted on so you could take your pick.  Mineral had been affected  by the sun and had a bit of zipper crust on the East facing, but clocking around to the North brought a much better ride.  The complexion over all is smooth and the bumps gone for the time being so tomorrow will be set for your choice of shots, which can be hit with unmitigated audacity.  The next instalment is slated for later tonight so there may be canyon issues in the AM so be sure to check.. The temps stayed cold all day and the sun only poked out a few times, so no damage to the snow quality.  Look for another epic day, get plenty of rest!!!

2 Responses to “January Again”

  1. Merrill J Thierman says:

    Hey Dave,
    It’s Merrill, I’ve blown out my ankle but I’ve enjoyed reading about all the amazing riding I’m missing. I’m thinkin my season in over so I’m heading back to NC for the summer. Wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your attitude and instruction this year, it has been a life changeing and epic experience. I’ll be back when the snows come again next winter. Lots of of love,

  2. Bob Holman says:

    Just wanted you to know I remembered the site address. I totally agree, and today, April 1, was nobody’s fool either!! You described yesterday perfectly! One of the best!

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