Double Overhead

3-30-09 by dave

Monday was like most Mondays, problematic.  The canyon closure held the faithful off for an extended period.  Not only the faithful but the deacons could not access the hill for the slides covering the road.  A big swell indeed!!!  The crew worked miracles and got the Tram and Regulator open with the riders scratching for the outside before the clean up set caught them inside. Those that got outside were blessed with double overhead shots and unreal quality. The Cirque traverse opened and the white room was found with every turn. This could, arguably, be the best snow of the season with many cognoscenti feeling truly blessed. The upper West facing took a hit from the strong West wind , but only made it ski less explosively. Lower on the mountain the snow just got deeper; fully waist deep in sections and some folks seemed to be tunneling. That’s getting SHACKED!!!. What else can one say about perfection except, perhaps, lets have more tomorrow when more of the mountain opens and the next storm rolls in to keep the momentum going. KOWABUNGA!!!

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