Black Flag Warning

3-29-09 by dave

Sunday morning broke sunny and clear, but to the North, over the Lake, a black front line marched relentlessly toward the Front seemingly swallowing the valley in it’s wake.  An awesome sight as I made haste up the canyon.  Pounding wind, through out the night, did not abate with the approach of the front, and over the top ridge top winds had the the Tram shut down for the opening. The chairs opened on time as the high North was good down to the last 500′, where yesterday’s sun and warmth had melted and refroze the groomage.  Not too bad to start,but the front moved in by 9:15 AM with groppel hammering down at 3 to 4” per hour.  Visibility went to the milk bottle zone and the winds shifted giving the Tram a shot at going off, which it did at 10:30 AM.  The shear volume of wetter snow stuck nicely to the hard pack and created a soft velvet feel.  Things were going to get good fast and they did.  The Gad 2 trees were probably the best place to be during the white out ,with the trees giving definition and what reflected light could provide. The large bumps there have been tamed by the snow in recent days and is skiing well.  Continued  Lake effect snow tonight will put the nice to nicer and epic conditions will be greeting us tomorrow.  The big swell is here.  OUTSIDE!!!

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