12-21-09 by dave

Monday morning looked grey and murky in the valley, but above the fog was clear and blue. Few takers for the morning session left plenty of room to move and stretch out and jam.  The firm conditions persist mitigated greatly by the strong grooming crew and the continued snow making top to bottom.  Warm afternoon temps softened some aspects later in the day. Mineral Basin is still not getting any rave reviews as far as I have been able to ascertain , though I am sure the groomers will be just fine giving you  an opportunity to scope out aspects for future reference.  Bumps persist on the steep sections off the peak with sketchy entrances off the upper gates.  The Rat’s Nest Gate is still seriously problematic  and remains the only access to the Upper Cirque.  Use care on the Cirque traverse proper as it has been worked and is showing thin sections which require a more measured approach.  The Little Cloud Chair remains closed as well as Gad 2 and Baby Thunder.  I have heard that they are slated to open for the week end. On a festive note, today was the 38th birthday of Snowbird. That is quite a mile stone, though it makes me reflect of how fast all that time has blown by.  I was watching old super 8mm film from the 70’s I took when I got out here.  There were shots of Old Lady’s before the Little Cloud chair and enormous cornices that hung off the Cirque.  Takes me back, but it is still the same hill and the same great energy that ties us all together.  None of us will forget the special moments we have had here and I certainly look forward to more of the epic days that this place presents.  I can tell you that is quite difficult to be removed in time and space from the Bird World, but I will manage.  Get some turns in for me .  Ciao!!

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