12-22-09 by dave

Finally, new snow to help out the situation.  Even an inch can make a huge difference.  Fortunately there was a fair bit more than that.  Certainly not enough to draw the faithful, leaving the Tram accessible.  Visibility was fair with no associated fog to reduce the visibility beyond the falling snow. The fluff fell throughout the day, but did not fully mitigate the hard pack underneath.  Going with what you know will pay off in these situations, however if you have not been logging vert. in the recent past stick with the full gut lines and avoid the peripheral sections, which may seem good to go.  The snags are still fully in play overall leaving caution the best approach.  The roll off on Pucker Brush is really bony and scoured making a full on line dubious.  More snow over night will help freshen the mix with Groomers promising the best ride.  You might have noticed that I favor the smooth and buffed, but hey I go for the sweet smooth tastes.  Regulator is skiing well just off the groomers now, though a wide berth should be given to Private Parts. The Little Cloud sign line is shaping up and  the new snow is bonding well to the old layer broadening the available choices, which have been sparse as of late. Snow continues to fall and the forecast is for a few more new inches to sweeten the deal, making the morning session worth the early start. In any case the new snow brings new energy and dynamics to the game, so I will be glad to get back.  Keep that industrial smoothing going gang and I will be back soon to do my share.  I hope you all are having a festive holiday season.  IBBY!

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