12-20-09 by dave

Sunday morning was a fog fest here in the valley, however, just above the murk was clear sun and fun.  Yours truly was sweating weather or not my flight to the future would get off on time or not, due to a severe storm hammering the home planet.  Fortunately I was able to make the jump and am now reporting from a position fully 2 hours in the future.  Unfortunately that will not help me win the lottery or anything.  Reports from Mineral Basin are less than enthusiastic echoing the warnings of zipper crust I posted yesterday.  The grooming had been expanded back there enabling a more relaxed approach.  I always like to take my time and look around and get a handle on the what and the what not.  I did not get any good info on Little Cloud, so I hesitate to speculate on that.   The snow had been getting progressively more condensed with the high pressure and lack of new snow bringing us back to the edge zone again.  I am holding out until I break out the new skis for the new edge experience.  There is something about a 130 day patina on the bases that you just can’t get from a mere machine. It takes days, dogged determination, and not a few very slow sojourns over dry reef to get that, let’s say, vintage feel.  Monday will reward those early risers with smooth buffage until the velvet gets shaved, so be there for that, and , if you can, take the opportunity to get a Tango going on the first boat!!  There you have it ,  Rip it for me!! I thank You! Ciao

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