2-01-24 by dave

The system that is incoming began to make it’s presence know, with wind and gathering clouds to begin the day. There was some Sun in Mineral Basin to start out the day with clouds gathering out of the West, with a strong South wind buffing the hill. There was very little transported snow as the warm temps have it frozen in place. I was working the amazingly prepared lines in the Peruvian Gulch, which had that dry chalky feel that felt deluxe underfoot. Regulator was super firm, and was not going to soften even a little.

Morning Sun in Mineral with storm clouds moving in from the West.

Traffic was light, with walk on Trams that let you do hot laps with no waiting and the only rest you get is the ride up. With such warm temps., the pack began to get quite soft on the lower elevations and it felt much like a spring day. Tomorrow, look for the storm to have moved into The Front with precipitation, wind, marginal visibility and accumulation during the day. It could be a day of free refills, so we will have see how it shakes out. The off trail is presenting quite a lot of interference patterns with wide spread rumble, so expect some variations underfoot if you venture off the prepared lines. It will be great to get some fresh Essence on the hill and the hill is primed and ready for this event. Stay Frosty!!!

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