2-02-24 by dave

It dumped 5″ of fresh frosting for the morning’s festivites and The Faithful were on deck and ready to play. The high density really stuck to the old layer, making for a much softer feel and more consistent turns. However, as the new product got worked, it got piled up and required an extra effort to punch through the sections. Most of the hill was open right out of the chute, which let everyone get out on the hill and keep the concentration a bit lighter on the hill.

The Jazz Man was putting the hammer down and getting the new installment to come up and envelope him in song.
Professor Tom carrying speed, power and dynamics to the fresh frosting.
Mark Herath working the sign line of Door Knob today.

It is raining hard as I write this post here at The Trailer, signalling the further accumulation happening up on the hill. The temps remain quite warm, and the snow density is still quite high. Tomorrow, look for another strong turn out by The Faithful, significant accumulation overnight, and a lot more cushion on top of the old layer, which will be feeling much smoother and filled in. Perhaps there will some associated wind to help frost the cake just a bit more for effect. It is going to be great and just what the doctor ordered to mitigate that firm surface. Dial it up, Dial it IN!!

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