2-03-24 by dave

There was added freshness to the pack with the overnight delivery and The Faithful were in full effect for today’s festivities. With yesterday’s accumulation well worked into the pack, this additional product made for a much more luxurious feel with much of the rumble filled in and feeling much smoother.

Mark Herath getting deep in it and blowing it up on Baldy.

This really sets the stage for this coming week of continuous incoming accumulation, which should be a real treat with the hill being in such great shape. I had been keeping a close eye on all the variables that would need to kept in mind before getting more cover and now I feel much more inclined to let loose and approach the hill with more unmitigated audacity. Tomorrow, look for a bit more accumulation as the system is quite unsettled and impulses are tracking across the Valley headed for the Canyons. Expect continued pressure for the goods, more great lines to be had on the hill, and still moderate temps. See you there dark and early. IBBY!!!

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