2-04-24 by dave

It was much colder than I anticipated this morning, and the sky was clear and ultra blue. The Faithful were in full attendance to taste the goodness of this champagne powder. They were not disappointed, as the quality was perfect, light, and dreamy. After the earlier accumulations, this addition was icing on the cake. Mineral Basin opened shortly before Noon and there was a high interest in getting the first lines.

Anticipation for the real deal.

There were lacy clouds moving through, but the Sun was illuminating the bowl, with some hint of Angel Light shimmering out in the middle of the Basin. Tomorrow, look for more great conditions, with the prepared lines offering the deep living room shag quality, which lets you dial in that full platform engagement. There are still some areas waiting in the wings, so keep an eye out for possible openings. There are clouds moving in ahead of the next series of impulses as the Tropical River continues to deliver more goodness. I am hoping the temps will remain cold, so that we don’t get an upside down pack. It is going to be a great week and the hill is prime and rockin’. Stay Frosty!!

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