2-05-24 by dave

It was a storm riding day with stout winds, brisk snow fall and creamy and dreamy Essence to make the sliding soft and carvey. With the wind blowing so hard, the surfaces were smoothing nicely all over the hill with some of the far reaches getting filled in and buffed out. Visibility was marginal, but good enough to have strong reference points especially close to the trees. There was fair pressure for the lifts, but as the morning wore on, the lines thinned as folks got spread out on the hill. The snow was driving with the wind and the dense dry quality made full platform engagement a real treat with each turn dialing in with ease and releasing right into the next arc. Sweet feel with every turn.

The wind and driving snow covered The Star Cruiser with a nice coating of freshness.

Tomorrow, look for more accumulation from this impulse, with another wave in the river to move in, adding to the fun. There will be some very rare smoothing on many lines that don’t see that texture too often, so getting there and dialing them in will pay big dividends. Visibility will still be marginal, but the heavy snowfall is predicted to come in later in the day. The hill is rockin’ right now and you are good to go on all aspects. Remain Standing.

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