11-22-09 by dave

The  Snow  Men and machines are holding up the base in fine form.  Every morning, thus far, has increased the buffer on the main open run.  Sunday was still quiet and clear in the Am. delivering a sweet ride to the early risers.  As the morning wore on more folks arrived and  the firmer spots began showing through, though there was plenty of soft fluffage to dig into.  The base is really resisting bump development, keeping the overall coverage solid.  Off trail is still too thin to contemplate, however, a number of intrepid thrill seekers have been finding their way to some of the gut areas, which so look inviting, but are in reality slabby and rotten after all this time without snow.  All of those areas will be good to go in due time, so you take your chances knowing that the deck is stacked against you.  The Sun was awesome this morning creating some great back lit snow making  photo ops.   This season I am bound and determined to get more photos on the site and keep my camera with me at all times.  It seems that some weather is finally moving in during the late afternoon, so perhaps tomorrow will gift us with some fresh product to sample.  The temps. have dropped so plan to dress for the chairs.  Still no access back to the center, but they are working on the issue. I heard that the Tram may open on Wednesday, giving us a little more head room.  This week should be quiet on the hill presenting a perfect opportunity to dial in some turns and get the rust out of my joints.  The Zoom chair has been opening at 8:30 AM , but I don’t know if that will continue during the week.  In any case I will be there just in case they do.  MMMMM fresh corduroy!!

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