11-21-09 by dave

Saturday morning brought flat light, good visibility, and  very light attendance.  The morning sun was trying to get established , but lowering clouds put the dimmer on that. The temps were a bit brisk , which required an extra layer or two.  I had dressed for “How I wanted it to be” yesterday and was treated to top down driving.  I thought better of that this morning and dressed up for the impending weather.  The hill was quite uncrowded and the line at the chair non existent.  Continued Snow Making efforts keep adding to the main run.  While other areas are getting shot,  there is still not nearly enough to cover the ragged terrain.  Again, I saw seekers scoping and dropping small cliff bands in the off trail areas.  No new snow and Zero base make that an intelligence test!  The developed run is holding up in fine shape with no rocks being uncovered , and the bump development negligible.  Smooth cruising was really fun, and I kept to the left in the slow lane letting the heat seekers blow by.  I have been looking over my shoulder whenever I make a change in fall line so as not to get tagged.  I fended off injury all summer in the Dark Matter Wars and I am not going to get taken out on the Fun Way.  Subtle flakes of the white and fluffy began falling as I was heading out , and the late risers getting in gear made for a festive atmosphere.  More coming tomorrow , though it won’t make the off trail any less treacherous.  Inflate your shoes,  Stay on the Yellow Line, Thank You!

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