11-20-09 by dave

You know how when you wake up from a relentless dream, quickly you cannot remember, for the life of you, what is was about or for how long it lasted.  Today was like that.  I found myself wide awake and saw the same folks I saw just yesterday and not being able to remember much of my dream of the Dark Side.  It is at times like those you have to wonder about time itself.  Where does it go?   The conditions Friday were way better than I had hoped for.  A serious snow making effort solidly covered the main run down from the top of Zoom and I never hit a rock. Granted the Man Made is firm, however, it was very carvable and was resisting the formation of bumps.  A very nice groom job primed the run and it sure paid off.  A consistent crowd was working the slope giving some room to move, though the room is limited.  Off trail is down right thin.  There are deposits, but absolutely nothing underneath, making off trail incursions a very bad idea.  I saw one individual launch a small cliff band and promptly double release  head first into the scree:  That had to hurt, I don’t care where your from!!  Fortunately he had a helmet on and was extremely lucky.  That easily could have been a life ender or a very bad day.  Looks like a new installment is on the way to help the snow guys.  Tomorrow could be a bit more crowded, but the slope will be groomed, making for a fun morning.  Get there early for the best of the day, however, it’s all good! IBBY!

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