11-23-09 by dave

What a difference a day makes.  Monday started out with 8” new inches of 7% adding to the solid base established in the past few days.  The carve-ability was greatly enhanced and I was finally able to stand on a turn with a bit more confidence.  Up until now I have been totally shwagging each turn as I dealt with:  1 the lack of edges  and B the variable edge-ability, at least for me.  Yesterday, a couple of friends had tuned skis and were leaving lacerations,   so my bad.  That is why THE BIG GIANT HEAD invented the MONTANA  machine.  Duh!!!  The early runs were very nice and consistent  giving the light crowd the goods for this early season teaser. The Snow Making has been full on and some areas look close to good to go. The off trail remains perilous at best.  I went poling around in some of the off trail areas, slowly moving through the untracked, I found the  snaggs that I knew I would find.    The Tram is scheduled to open on Wednesday at last hearing , so keep your fingers crossed.  Perhaps there will be enough snow to access the Center:  we’ll see.  Tomorrow morning should be quite again and will offer some groovalicious  corduroy for the early risers.  The early runs are always special to me.  The quiet, the total lack of pressure, and the general vibe of the new day.  OK, TTFN !!

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