1-18-12 by dave

It was nuking on the Peak this morning, with much warmer temps., ahead of the front.  The tenderizing efforts helped the snow pack, but there were still many glazed spots to negotiate top to bottom.  The Guns had produced some nice Gun Powder on Regulator, making the break over section velvet smooth as the wind blew the product around.   Mineral was closed today, but that was not going to be anything special anyway.  Tomorrow, is  toss up.  I’m thinking, let the Essence come as it will, check the road report early, and look forward to the beginning of something good!!!  Remember the reefs are stripped bare by today’s high winds, so they will be in play underneath the next installment, just keep them in mind.  It will be nice to look forward to additional terrain to become available, as safety permits.  I will have a more detailed assessment when I see what we get.   I got to meet BOSCO   ” THE LAND LINE” , who was the song writer for Milli Vanilli, back whenever, today!!   Here is a shot I took on the Tram. We had a spirited discussion about the fact that no one can make a turn for you.  You have to go top to bottom your self.  We agreed, and tore up the run!!  Good times!!  IBBY!!!!

BOSCO " The landline"

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  1. Jason (Jay) Shum says:

    Killer Dave! My Maryland brothers are gonna be stoked about this pic!

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