1-17-12 by dave

It was 8 below Zero this morning with just light wind.  Significant tenderization efforts had improved the dance floor immeasurably.  Regulator was still firm, but had some sumptuous Gun Powder, which had wafted well down the slope to provide some nice turning.  I slowed way down at this point to get as much of the velvet goodness as possible.  The low temp. really required covering the exposed skin.  I got a bit frost bit yesterday, so I was not going to just ignore the hazard.  With the sunny skies, the visibility made sojourns out to the more peripheral lines more rewarding.   The little snow helped soften the ride, though the under current was still bouncing me around a bit.  I have no idea about the timing on the forecast for the snow arrival, but it seems we will be getting a little at a time.  I have been paying special attention to the reefs that are now exposed, especially in Mineral Basin, so that I know what to stay away from.  The snow in the Cirque looks very nice, but the access is tricky on the traverse and the Rat’s Nest entrance.  Also, remember how rasty upper Silver Fox is right now, and new snow will just mask the grater!  We are in for some real fun in the near future, so stay tuned.  See you on the Bucket!!   Peace Out!

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  1. Scot Chipman says:

    I love reading your daily reports and put a link on my web page to yours.

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