4-26-24 by dave

There was only a few inches of high density frosting to start the day, which went a long way to cushioning the pack. With the recent light traffic, the pack has smoothed out significantly and the prepared lines were offering trustworthy smoothness to make the difficult visibility more manageable. The heavy precipitation began after Noon, which added a lot more to the day.

Amazing how the simple snowflake can go through so many changes of form on it’s way back to the Big Cycle.

Tomorrow, look for more fresh frosting for the morning offerings. The off trail should be offering much better feel with the high density cushioning the pack. I expect quite a bit higher traffic on the hill. There may be some visibility issues as well as the system is still moving through and will be for the next day or so. Enjoy the late April addition and resurfacing for more corn goodness next week. IBBY!!1

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